Dolaucothi Gold Mines in Spring

Dolaucothi Gold Mines are just a 45 minute drive from Dolgoch Mill Cottages.

Free for National Trust Members, you can enjoy two guided tours, each just over one hour long that include time within the mines where you will learn all about the Roman and Victorian mining periods.

We had great fun on a relatively quiet term time week day but during busy periods, or if you arrive later during the day, make your way straight to the tour booking window to secure places on one or both tours. You can time your tours in such a way to allow a lunch break between them at the on-site tea room.

Make sue that you wear sensible shoes if you are venturing underground. Check out further details at the National Trust Dolaucothi Gold Mines website.

Don’t forget time to pan for gold and buy a souvenir of your visit in the on-site gift shop.

Address and Postcode: Pumsaint, Llanwrda SA19 8US

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